Anaya’s 6th birthday

September 11, 2012

Birthdays stress me out. I set the bar too high and feel obliged to deliver.  I spent way too long on this invite, too, that 6 people are going to see, maybe 7 if you include my husband. I thought it would be really cute if on her 16th birthday I made a book of all her old invitations.  She might not care at all at that point, but I still like the idea.  Hence, my need to spend more time than I have designing this invite.  I completely stole the idea but it’s for personal use so I don’t feel badly.

Her birthday will be at a great new DIY workshop studio in Charleston called Spacecraft Studios.
I haven’t quite decided what their project is going to be but I’m leaning towards fairy garden furniture, but it’s up to Anaya in the end. 

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