Birthday Shirts

October 11, 2013
October is birthday tornado month for us.  We have 3 birthdays in 10 days so needless to say, I no longer get super excited about my own birthday, and instead start stressing out in Sept. about their parties.  A small, small part of me wants to just throw in the towel and have the party at some funland hell-hole, but I just can’t do it. If I can hold out a few more years, I think their parties will be a lot less about me planning theme-based food and activities and more about them just doing something fun with their friends.  I made it one more year.

One tradition that organically ended up being a tradition that I now love is their birthday shirts.  When Anaya was old enough to recognize numbers, I made her an iron-on transfer 3 shirt for her to wear to “school”. Then Ty was born and over the past 4 years, they both seem to really love the idea of having a birthday shirt to wear to school on their birthdays.  It’s so easy and puts such a big smile on their face. The one thing that I haven’t done is save the shirts every year (duh) but now I think I will.

It’s worth noting that tshirt transfer paper is NOT all the same.  The paper I’ve been using for a couple of years now is from here. It’s very reliable and the ink turns out great.

This year, I let them design their own shirts – Anaya’s has a small bird perched on top of the 7  and Ty requested a 4 with a circle of garbage trucks around it.  So funny.


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