June 3, 2014
So we’ve been employing a tickets and rewards system in our household for some time. It’s not super consistent in that the kids always forget they can buy stuff so they don’t really pay attention to how many tickets they have, but they do really like getting tickets.  It’s funny.  But my system thus far has been that I had 5-6 chores on these wood circles (similar to these) that I made one day that they could do to earn tickets. I meant to keep adding chores, but got lazy, so their options for earning tickets was limited.

I just decided to get serious…a) because I need them to get the idea that they need to do chores, b) because I realize their help actually helps and c) because we decided to make them pay in tickets to watch tv shows because my 4yr old’s need to watch a tv show everyday is getting out of hand.

sorry for the crap photo quality

So I added a bunch of new chores (and icons so my 4yr old would know what was what), added the ticket value in yellow tickets and now, when they do a particular chore on a particular day, they add a magnet in the box.  The magnets you can get from Michaels or Joanns and I made a pdf of the chore chart to print.  I still need to write T’s and A’s on the magnets so we’ll know who did what.

They were all over it today.  One TV show costs 8 tickets (for now) and they can still only watch one a day but this way they’ll have to work for it.  Ty earned 4 tickets today, which is awesome.

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