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First Day of 3rd Grade Dress

September 3, 2015

So it was that time again, to indulge in a tradition that I concocted myself that inevitably causes me to procrastinate and then stress in 40th hour to get it done…the First Day of School Dress.  Anaya doesn’t even ask if she’s getting one now, but this year I made her look through patterns and fabric so it wasn’t a shot in the dark.  She specifically asked to something a little more fitted in the torso (sigh) and then flowy at the bottom.  Off to pinterest I went…and found this lovely dress by the very talented Sanae Ishisa who shares a love of all patterns Japanese.  Luckily I had the book it came from and it didn’t even occur to me to modify the pattern and chop off the sleeves, which makes it so much more appealing (to me).


I couldn’t find buttons I liked so I just went with 4 different ones in the same shade, which Anaya liked.


I also added a pocket referencing A’s book series of choice at the moment…all things Harry. It came out super sweet and is still pretty loose. A doesn’t seem to mind. The fabric is a lightweight cotton that came from my stash that I brought back from India. I’m so excited to have so much new inspiring fabric.


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