Garbage and cake

October 23, 2013

For Ty’s 4th birthday party, I had no choice but to make it a garbage truck theme.  He is so enamored with them.  I didn’t have much time but the few little touches I did manage to put together turned out great. I put some silver duck tape across both sides of the table and drew a dotted line with a sharpie to make some roads.
For the cake, I tried to get one that was in the shape of a garbage truck but not a single bakery around me would do it, so I finally decided to get a sheet cake and have them decorate it with a plain road with some grass.  I put some of Ty’s trucks on there and voila.

Activity wise, we were at the park so that was really easy, but I did get them these grabbers I found at target for $3 a piece and had them play “pick up the trash”.  I brought a bag of crumpled up paper thinking that would be enough, but they were so into it, that in the end, they actually ended up “picking up the trash”. We just kept throwing it on the floor! Now I know how to entertain a bunch of 4 yr olds.

All in all,  a really easy setup and the kids had fun.

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