November 9, 2015

This second half of the year has been all Star Wars and Harry Potter, so much so that I can’t wait to see the new Star Wars movie and I now know most of the HP spells and what they do.  These costumes were kind of a breeze this year, which was nice. I was going to make the robe myself, but then found one with a missing button at the party store for $10 so I thought it was worth it.  I did add the bias trim to Anaya’s sweater but thrifted the whole outfit for about $6. We also made the wands ourselves using a 1/2″ dowel, some paper wrapped around it, hot glue and some paint…oh and Mod Podge, of course. I can’t find the tutorial we used online but there’s are tons out there that all use the same-ish technique. Kids were super psyched.

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