New dress

June 3, 2014
This is a little ditty for a wee one that I ended up lining on top and bottom, and the bottom got a little poofy, which I think is fine since it’s for a 2T, but probably wouldn’t be so fine for a larger size.  It’s made completely from repurposed sari silk. The pattern is a bit of a hodge-podge mixture of pattern G from this Sunny Spot japanese book for the bodice and skirt pieces, and pattern M from this other japanese book for the bodice lining technique.

I am quickly realizing that I use this type of pattern A LOT and I don’t have a tried and true pattern for with and for without a bodice lining.  It’s annoying. It’s like every time I go to sew one of these, I sift through all my pattern books and piece it together, so no two are every alike…and this is why I’ll never ever be a successful kids clothing business person.  I’m too disorganized. In any case, I like how this one turned out, even if it is a little bulky.  All the cuter on those little babes.

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