Pattern testing

January 10, 2013

Man. 4 months since my last post.  Not the best way to get this blog going, but 3 holidays, 2 surgeries, 1 lay off, 2 full leg casts, and a new year later, I’m back.  Here my latest attempt at a new style for the biz.  This one was a test that technically fits my 6 yr old but is pretty slim in the torso, so I’ve adjusted the pattern according but the rest came out great I think.  The dress is all upcycled and made from a combination of a jumper dress pattern (main top) from this japanese pattern book (view G), but since it was so slim, I’m going to try and use a different pattern from this pattern book instead (view S).  The raw edged flutter sleeves are from a nani iro pattern and the bottom is just an upcycled skirt.  It came together pretty quick so I think it’s a keeper.  I especially like the keyhole back. 

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