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June 17, 2015

Usually when I attempt diy projects I find on Pinterest, it’s a crap shoot as whether they work or not. I tried the water blob last year, which turned out to be a big fail. I’ve been wanting a fun interactive sprinkler in our back driveway/yard so I found this one on Pinterest, but was a little weary. The fact that PVC costs around 10 center is a big incentive so I figured it wouldn’t be a big disappointment if it didn’t work — but low and behold – IT TOTALLY WORKED.

Sprinkler 1

The mister jets didn’t quite screw in as the instructions say, so I just drilled a tad bigger hole (3/16th drill bit) and E600’ed them in there. It seems to be holding together fine. The rest was pretty easy. The pipe cutting tool makes it a lot easier and the cement was stinky so do it outside fo sho.



You can’t really see the construction from the pics, but the instructables site is pretty accurate.  I got everything but the jets at big orange box and ordered the jets here.  I think I may make another.

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