Tee for Ty – KCW Day 2

June 24, 2015

I’m finally participating in Kid’s Clothes Week where you sew something for the kids for 1 hour a day for the whole week.  It doesn’t seem like much but carving out an hour just to sew is not so easy.  It happens at night for me.  I wanted to sew something for Ty now that he’s 5 and seems to care every time I show Anaya a new dress I made for her.  He wore it to camp this morning so that’s a good sign.


The pattern is Figgy’s Tee for Two, which looks like it’s no longer available on the Figgy’s site.  It’s a raglan tee/dress pattern which the option to expose the seams.  I ended up serging the exposed seams and topstitching them down using white thread throughout for contrast.  The graphic on the thrifted tee I used is pretty loud so I didn’t think it needed much else. I did do a fake double stitch for the sleeve hem using a twin needle and I think that makes a big difference.


I didn’t hem the bottom because I’m lazy and it’s knit.  I do think the armholes/sides came out a tad on the tight side, not sure why. It could be the stretch % of the original tee or I could have mucked up the seam allowance a bit in the serger. He’ll probably be able to wear it for 5-6 months tops, but so it goes.

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